Sunday, May 8, 2005

Style answers in a flash

I subscribe to the online version of The Associated Press Stylebook. It costs me about $20 a year, which I pay out of my own pocket -- but the online version is so much faster to use on deadline that I'm a bit surprised most copy editors don't spring for it. It's $20, granted, but I'll gladly give up a few coffees each year for the speed and ease of use. I also find that the search function digs up additional entries I probably wouldn't have gotten to if I'd just thumbed through the print version.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


I started an site years back, but it wasn't very well developed and I didn't tend to it very often. So I'm setting up here on Blogger with the hopes of making a better go of it. Instead of importing all of my old entries on one day, I'm going to sprinkle them in to backfill the blog. So the early part of this site will be a mix of old and new.

I hope you find the site useful.